European Doors vs. American Doors – how to choose one for you?

March 19, 2023

When building a home, we choose materials that will be well-suited to our house, that will look nice, be durable, and ideally, indestructible. We want them to serve us for many years. We paint the walls, choose the windows, and of course, the most visible and frequently used doors, both internal and external. We start to wonder about European and American options…

American Doors

If you need doors with basic functions at an affordable price, then American doors can be a very good choice for you. However, there are clear differences in how manufacturers produce and design doors in different regions of the world. American doors rely more on a traditional, simple design, and affordability is a factor resulting from mass-produced and repeatable offerings.

Why Choose Doors Produced in Europe?

European doors may cost more than their American counterparts. The basis for European doors is their wooden construction, which protects the interior of the home not only from cold and loud noises but also from various atmospheric factors. High-quality production ensures efficiency and does not require much maintenance.

The European door market sells almost 50 million doors annually. They are supplied to new apartments and houses. European doors are available in various designs and colors, which is why they are chosen for newly built apartments and houses, as well as the door sector for interiors that are renovated or modernized, depending on various customer tastes and preferences.

European doors have the highest quality parts and high-quality wood or steel, which provides hardness, durability, functionality, and resistance to moisture. Of course, the quality of the workmanship and materials is included. Such doors provide functionality that you will not find in American doors, with other surprising benefits. European doors last much longer because they are built to survive. They usually have better thermal insulation, which helps maintain the appropriate temperature in the rooms and save energy. In addition, European doors often have special security systems, such as multi-point locks, which provide greater home security.

Finally, European doors are often designed and produced with aesthetics and style in mind. Manufacturers care about offering customers a wide range of designs, colors, and styles, which allows for better matching of doors to the style of the entire house.

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