External steel doors – guarantee of safety

March 19, 2023

Steel is associated with safety. It is durable, resistant to damage, and easy to maintain. No wonder it is used to produce high-quality doors. External steel doors will provide you with the highest level of security. They are very difficult to force open, especially if they are equipped with additional anti-burglary solutions.

Characteristics and types of steel doors

Steel entrance doors can be divided into several categories. Let’s take a closer look at the most important ones.

Technical steel doors

What are technical doors? These are primarily access control doors, evacuation doors, ventilated doors, and large-size doors made of stainless steel. They have clearly defined functions and are used in specific, pre-defined locations. Both external and internal steel doors can be included in this category. However, products of this type are very often used inside – for example, at entrances to production halls, warehouses, or other premises. Technical doors can also be anti-burglary or have increased thermal or acoustic insulation.

Fireproof steel doors

Fireproof steel doors are designed to prevent the spread of flames to other rooms. Of course, not only the functions of the door leaf matter. The quality of other elements such as hinges, fittings, door frame, and locks is also of enormous importance. When choosing fire doors, it is worth considering the following parameters:

  • fire resistance
  • smoke tightness
  • mechanical durability and strength
  • automatic closing function
  • ability to release the door (in case of evacuation)
  • material of manufacture
  • Anti-burglary steel doors

We mentioned the safety of steel doors at the beginning for a reason. Steel is often used to produce anti-burglary doors. This metal is very difficult to force open, unlike wood or PVC. Of course, these materials can also be adapted to anti-burglary solutions so that they perform their function perfectly. However, anti-burglary doors made of steel can usually be produced more simply and, as a result, cheaper.

It should be noted here that steel doors are exceptionally easy to maintain. Practically all modern models are resistant to corrosion, which means that they can be washed with water without any worries or enriched with an appropriate preparation.

External steel doors and thermal insulation

Steel itself does not provide exceptional thermal properties. Of course, this does not mean that steel doors are inferior to other solutions in this regard. Designers have found many effective ways to improve the thermal properties of steel doors. For example, inserts made of polystyrene, polyurethane foam, or other materials are popular. Warm door frames and thresholds containing insulation solutions are also used. All of this means that steel doors can offer excellent thermal properties and, as a result, can also be used in locations affected by large temperature fluctuations.

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