Reliable electronic lock – modern security technology for your home

December 26, 2022

An intelligent lock is a modern solution that uses electronics to provide greater security for your home and its occupants. The electronic lock is an invisible part of the door, but it is very important for the entire structure. The security of your home and its occupants depends on the lock’s construction, which is why our lock is equipped with the largest number of bolts that are released in various directions and protected by a metal shield that prevents burglary.

Functions offered by the electronic lock:

  • Opening doors if you’re running late (when guests are waiting outside).
  • Property protection (locks record all opening and closing events).
  • Convenient door opening (when both hands are occupied).
  • Sharing keys during your absence.
  • Keys for children.
  • Safe apartment rental (easy to change PIN code after tenants move out).

Advantages of a smart lock:

Our lock will open when your phone is nearby, and you can remotely authenticate new people using a smartphone app. The lock can also be unlocked using a fingerprint or palm print. Another option is to install a reader with a keypad, allowing entry after entering a PIN code. As a user, you have many options that you can use both at home and in the office.

The automatic locking function will reassure parents, knowing that their children have safely entered the house. If the lock has not been closed, it can be done with the phone.

Arrow Doors offers locks to its customers that have been certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics and have been tested in several categories. They have received certificates and can be trusted in terms of quality, so that every household member feels safe.

If you have any questions or need advice on choosing the right doors or electronic lock, you can contact one of Arrow Doors consultants at 224 285 0555.